Building Squishy Circuits

These activities are designed such that the dough is used to connect components. Never connect components, such as LEDs, directly to the battery pack, as running too much current through components can damage them, possibly causing them to overheat or pop. Follow standard electricity safety considerations. (Our youngest participants are fans of these brightly colored safety glasses!)

Click on the picture for a how-to guide specific to each activity.

Toolbox2 RGB LED Controller Flag

These are just suggested examples. We encourage you to try your own variations to the activities! Share pictures of your creations with the Squishy Circuits Facebook Community by clicking here.

The Squishy Circuit Toolbox

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Most of our devices work best with terminals, for instructions on how to do this, click here.


Also note that the salt in the conductive dough rusts components over time. Wiping the components after use with a damp towel may promote their longevity.