Playful Learning Lab (lower level OSS) and Rapid Prototyping Area (in OSS LL15)

The Rapid Prototyping Area can be found in room LL15 of O'Shaughnessy Science Hall.  Use of the equipment and room must be approved by AnnMarie.  Students are encouraged to use the space for projects. Throughout the semester, workshops will be offered on the safe use of various machines and equipment.  Please see the bulletin board outside of the lab for sign-ups.




Current Playful Learning Lab Students (spring 2014):
  • Brett Gunderson (UG) is working on creating playful learning and Maker projects that allow children and families to explore Engineering concepts. He is also the Spring 2014 project lead for Squishy Circuits.
  • Stephanie McCartan (UG) is creating Engineering Design modules and materials for preschool and kindergarten aged learners.
  • Brynn Kasper (UG) is developing Maker and Engineering materials for Deaf learners.
  • Alex Zierden (UG) is researching playful learning applications of food and cooking.
  • Kate Steuer and Danielle Tschida (UG) are researching the dynamics of flying trapeze.
  • Emma Koller (UG) is working with e-textiles.

Past Design Lab Students:

  • William Besser (UG) completed a study of how engineers are taught to be creative
  • Sam Johnson (UG) was the co-developer of Squishy Circuits. "squishy circuits as teaching tools"
  • Joey Nesbitt (UG) worked on communication devices for older adults
  • Brandon Turek-Krengel (UG) worked on a windmill unit for math teachers, and a survey of P-12 Engineering Design programs
  • John Gorman worked on the a.i.r. (airport information relay) project which won a "Design Distinction" rating from ID Magazine
  • Brian Falk, Scott Adkins, and Ben Dauwalter worked on a project exploring improvements that can be made to walker designs
  • Melissa Roczmiuarek (UG) worked on pop-up structures.



Available Equipment:
  • ZCorp 350 3D printer
  • Stratasys Mojo 3D Printer
  • MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer
  • Universal 40 Watt laser cutter
  • Singer Inspiration sewing machine
  • Inventables DesignAid library
  • Plenty of Play Doh, markers, soldering irons, Exacto knives, glue, and crayons