Professional Responsibility



Tuesday, August 27

On my Professional Responsibility web page, you’ll find the syllabus, ground rules, learning objectives and assessment, and other materials.

You will need to get the Gillers casebook in the bookstore -- be sure to get the customized, shorter (and less expensive) edition.  (As part of a book package, you will also get “Professional Responsibility: Examples and Explanations” by W. Bradley Wendel, which uses the problem method — very similar to law school exam essay questions — to provide further understanding of the concepts in this course.)

For the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, you can find them available online (through my web page), or buy a printed copy if you wish.

For copyright and fair use reasons, you will need a password for some items on the web page and for posted PowerPoint slides and other materials throughout the semester.  That password will be distributed in the first class.  Please do not share this password with anyone outside of the class.

For our first class, begin by reading the Preface (pages ix-xi) and Chapter I (pages 1-12) of the customized Gillers book.  In addition, read the Preamble and Scope sections of the Model Rules of Professional Responsibility.

                                                                                                            G. Sisk