Professional Responsibility



Tuesday, February 19

On Thursday, we will finish our discussion about lawyer and client autonomy with discussion in small groups about the following two problems on Casebook pages 56-57 ("I'd Rather Die" and "Accept the Offer").

Then we'll talk about moral counseling of the client, which requires us to begin by talking about moral concepts and sources of moral authority for lawyers. So the reading for that section is found on the webpage at  (Note that these articles are encrypted with the same password as for the PowerPoint slides.) This is background reading, so read it for your interest and at least skim through it.  I won't call on people to recite this background reading. We'll then look at a clicker question or two, and I'll then try to tie all of this together by presenting a hypothetical problem for discussion.

Finally, although this likely will wait for next Thursday, we will consider termination of the attorney-client relationship, talking about Rule 1.16 and a series of clicker questions.  Read Casebook pages 60-63 and Model Rule 1.16.


Note on Internet Access to Hornbook:  Students who have tried to access my hornbook through the link on the course web page ( ) have found themselves being asked to create an account for access. Another students says found that when she created an account using her UST email, she was asked to mark that she attended this law school and then everything was available at no charge.