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Professor Gregory Sisk


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ABA Center for Professional Responsibility

National Organization of Bar Counsel

Minnesota Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board

Pope John Paul II, Splendor of Truth

This encyclical by John Paul II explains the necessary connection between truth and freedom and the role of conscience in discerning truth.  It is possible to understand these points from just reading the relevant sections (Chap. 2, parts I & II).

Catholic Dimension of Legal Study

The Catholic University Law School Annotated Bibliography provides a broad overview of scholarship relating Church teaching to American legal principles.

Thomas Aquinas on Attorneys, Law, and Justice

Includes discussion of whether an advocate is bound to defend the suits of the poor; whether it is fitting that the law should debar certain persons from the office of advocate; whether an advocate sins by defending an unjust cause; and whether it is lawful for an advocate to take a fee for pleading.

Mennonite Perspective on Lawyers

Evangelical Christian Bibliography on Lawyers

Jewish Law

Jewish Law is a website devoted to dealing with Halacha.  Halacha today deals with certain legal concepts, such as the corporate entity, which have no direct precedent in Halachic sources. At the same time, the American judicial system from time to time is asked to confront and even apply areas of Halacha dealing with such diverse matters as kashrut and gittin (Jewish bills of divorce). In order to forge a better understanding of the interaction between Halacha and secular law, the website presents information on Halacha, Jewish issues and secular law.