Dom Helder Camara

Dom Hélder Câmara’s
Speeches to the Mani Tese Youth Movement, 1972

Together, these three speeches provide one of Câmara’s most complete elaborations of what he often referred to as "Abrahamic minorities." The speeches are clearly dated -- marked as they are by the heady movement days of the early 1970s. If the reader delves deeper, however, she should be able to discern an astute and coherent strategy of grassroots social change.

Introduction by Benedicto Tapia de Renedo
"A Covenant That Deserves To Crown Your Journey"
"Community or Empire?"
"The Degradation of the Worlds and the Renovation of the Earth"

From Helder Camara: Proclamas a la Juventud, ed. Benedicto Tapia de Renedo, Pedal. 64 (Salamanca: Ediciones Sigueme, 1976): 185-204. The original Portuguese version of the speeches appear in Dom Hélder Câmara, Justiça e paz: viagens 1972-1973, Servicio de Apostillas 36 (1973). The English texts that appear here are translated by Maria Markovich and Dr. Gerald W. Schlabach, University of St. Thomas (Minnesota), strictly for the purposes of classroom use. Professor Schlabach ( asks to be notified if better translations exist, or if copyright recognition is due.

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