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In addition to my teaching at the Newman Center listed above, I have taught in the following academic programs:

My non-academic teaching includes numerous workshops on liturgy and liturgical music in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, England, Belgium, Italy, and Germany.


I have published articles, reviews and interviews in the following journals:


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  2. "Confirmation and the Social Gospel"  Major Feasts and Seasons 1/2 (1975) 75-8.


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  2. "Death and the Parish Community."  Major Feasts and Seasons 1/4 (1976) 41-4.

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  4. "Parish Ministry."  Major Feasts and Seasons 2/2 (1976) 69-72.


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  4. "Parish Sabbath Keeping."  Major Feasts and Seasons 2/4 (1977) 47-50.


"Eastertide: season of nurture."  Liturgy 24 (1979) 13-16.


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My book Preaching the Rites of Christian Initiation, Forum Essays 4 (Chicago, IL: Liturgy Training Publications) was published in November, 1994.  It has been reviewed by: 1) Patrick Byrne in Liturgy Bulletin (Canadian Catholic Bishops Conference); 2) Robert Waznak in Homiletic 20/1 (1995) 35-37; 3) Robert R. Howard in Encounter 57 (Spring 1996) 194-196.

My book The Catechism of the Catholic Church on Liturgy and Sacraments (San Jose, CA: Resource Publications) was published in September, 1995.  It has been reviewed by: 1) Moira Bergin in The Furrow 49/4 (April 1998) 250-251; 2) Donald Withey in Liturgy (June-July 1998) 232-233.

My book From Sacred Song to Ritual Music: Twentieth Century Understandings of Roman Catholic Worship Music (Collegeville, MN: The Liturgical Press) was published in May, 1997.  It has been reviewed by: 1) Stephen Dean in The Liturgy Planner Extra Issue No. 1 (August 1997) 22-23; 2) James Chepponis in The Hymn; 3) James Frazer in

I am in the process of writing another book that has been accepted for publication by the Liturgical Press: By the Laying on of Hands: Roman Rite Ordination and its Reform.

I am also in the process of writing a commentary on the 1991 Roman rite marriage ceremony for Liturgy Training Publications.

I am preparing two sets of translations for publication: Ninth Century Baptismal Commentaries: Selected Texts in Translation with Introductions and Annotations and Ninth Century Ordination Commentaries: Selected Texts in Translation with Introductions and Annotations.

I have also composed and/or recorded the following collections of liturgical music:

I have composed the theme songFrom the Ends of the Earth for the North American Forum on the Catechumenates Convocation, premiered in November, 1997.  I have composed settings of Psalm 110, Psalm 111, and Revelations 19:1-7 for the Vespers service dedicating the Noack organ at St. Paul Seminary, 7 May 2000.  I have composed a communion processional “Lauda, Sion” for the eucharist celebrating 150 years of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament at Ste. Jean Baptiste Church in New York 24 June 2000.  I have composed a Mass setting in honor of Joseph Cardinal Bernadin on commission from the University of St. Thomas Liturgical Choir in commemoration of their twenty-fifth anniversary.

I have served as one of the editors of Gather, a hymnal published by the Gregorian Institute of America.

I am one of the principal presenters in the video program "Echoes of Faith: Liturgy and Sacraments.  The Catholic Faith prepared by the National Conference of Catechetical Leadership and produced by Resources for Christian Living, Allen, TX (video: 10096; companion booklet: 302)

I am one of the introducers and a principal presenter in the video program “Theology in Focus published by Liturgical Press.

Professional Organizations

I am a member of the North American Academy of Liturgy, the Catholic Theological Society of America, the College Theology Society, Concilium, and Societas Liturgica.  I have served on the Nominations Committee of the CTSA from 1993-1996.  I have served as delegate to the Academy Committee of the North American Academy of Liturgy from 1994-1996.  From August 1994-July 1997, I served on the Constituting Board of Directors for the National Association of Pastoral Musicians.  I serve as an advisor to the Institute for Liturgical Formation, New Brunswick, NJ (1995-    ).  I served on the Board of Directors for the Society of Catholic Liturgy (1998-2000).  I have served as a guest of the Advisory Committee for the International Commission on English in the Liturgy (1999-2001).  I am the North American correspondent for Universa Laus (2001-    ).  


Last updated: 30 December 2002