Understanding World Religions: A Road Map for Justice and Peace
David Whitten Smith and Elizabeth Geraldine Burr

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Second Edition                                                                                     First Edition                              

This page is your central point for resources supplementing
the printed text Understanding World Religions.
Click above for pages specific to your particular edition of the book.

Here are some resources that apply equally to both editions:

proposals for student research projects based on the book,
    A brief summary of the project as used at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, U.S.A.
    detailed instructions for students and faculty,
    extensive resource lists for the projects.

an extended article proposing a nonviolent liberationist Christian worldview
titled "Sample Christian Thought."

These instructions and resource lists are available now.
The resource lists will continue to be updated over time.

On the web pages for each edition, we plan to offer

    additional material to supplement individual chapters, such as
        additional spokespersons for justice and peace from each of the worldviews,
        additional groups working for justice and peace from within each of the worldviews,
        other material that would not fit in our restricted page limits.
        corrections and updates to the chapters.
            study guides for the contents of the chapters,
and perhaps
sample test questions,

Information on the Justice and Peace Studies Program at the University of St. Thomas.

Information on the course Theologies of Justice and Peace.