Kenneth W. Kemp

Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy
University of St. Thomas
St. Paul, Minnesota 55105

Curriculum vitae


Selected Papers


Current Courses (Spring 2015)

PHIL 214: Introductory Ethics

Upcoming Courses (January 2016)

John Paul II in his Polish Context (study abroad at the Catholic University of Lublin in Lublin, Poland)


Unpublished Papers

The Moral Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas

Just-War Theory and its Non-pacifist Rivals

Homosexuality & Rights

Epistemologies—Catholic & Liberal

What is Academic Freedom?

Three Lectures on Evolution & Creation (Creation) (Evolution) (Science & Religion)

Science and Theology in the Understanding of Man

Three Lectures on Ethics (Sexual Ethics) (Capital Punishment) (Euthanasia)

Created: 3 September 1997
Last Modified: 26 Feb 2014