Philosophy 115
Philosophy of the Human Person
(Spring 2014)

Table of Contents

General Course Information
Readings on the World-Wide Web

Exercises & Examinations
Lecture Notes
Tutoring Schedule
Links to Other Resources

General Course Information

Schedule of Readings (Revised 25 April)

Outside Lectures


Readings on the World-Wide Web

Exercises & Examinations


1, Logic (List of terms the definitions of which you must know)
2. Are Organisms Machines? (22 April)
3. Is Man an Animal?

Logic Exercises

Lecture Notes (available after the lectures)

These lecture notes will not correspond exactly to the lecture as it was actually given, but will give a good indication of many of the main points made during the lecture. They may also contain material that I did not actually discuss in class. In addition, some points that emerged in class may not have made it into the typed version. In short, use these as a supplement to the assigned readings and classroom lectures, not as a definitive summary or a replacement for them. The notes will be published after the lecture.

Notes on my Lectures:


Part I: Logic

Part II: Are Organisms Machines?

Part III: Is Man an Animal?


Extra Readings & Other Resources

General References

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Metaencyclopedia of Philosophy
Catholic Encyclopedia

Mechanical Analysis

Computers & their Limits

Searle & Dreyfus videotapes
Turing Machine Simulator
Eliza (George Dunlop version) (Jozef Stefan Institute version) (Another program of the same type)
The Chinese Room Argument

Aristotelian Philosophy of Nature


Animal Language Research

Koko (Gorilla): Interview with Koko
Alex (Grey Parrot):

Irene Maxine Pepperberg, The Alex Studies, ch. 1
Bernd Heinrich, Book Review of The Alex Studies
The Alex Foundation
Transcripts of dialogs

Kanzi (Bonobo Chimpanzee):

Bonobo People videotape
Language Research Center's biographies of Kanzi and other Bonobos
Interview with Sue Savage-Rumbaugh
from the New York Times

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Last Modified: 17 May 2014