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Welcome to the University of St. Thomas interactive website on the Medieval Church.

You will be escorted through time by notable people from the area. Your guides will be St. Thomas of Aquinas, the medieval philosopher and theologian; St. Francis of Assisi who gave the Church its spiritual heart back; Julian of Norwich, a fourteenth-century mystic; and Geoffrey Chaucer, writer and courtier. Through them you'll learn about philosophy, theology, religious orders, Gregorian chant, musical works, mathematics, plays, poems, music, spectacles, astronomy, science, abbeys, monasteries, cathedrals, architecture, paintings, sculpture, and tapestries.

Our hope is that this site will grow over time, providing rich scholarly fodder for all kinds of visitors. Perhaps, you're just interested in things medieval. Then again, you may have a particular subject and project in mind. Whatever your reason may be for being here, "Wolcum!" as they would say in Middle English.


Virtual Medieval Church and Its Writings
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