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Julian of Norwich External Links

This site is actually a gateway to ten websites on Julian of Norwich, her Showing of Love and its contexts. This site is maintained by the Associazione Culturale Biblioteca e Bottega Fioretta Mazzei, Florence, Italy.

This site on www.luminarium.org was created by Anniina Jokinen on July 26, 1996. Last updated on September 10, 2002. It contains many useful links, including one to the complete online version of A Revelation of Love.

The complete text of The Shewings of Julian of Norwich - In Middle English, edited by Georgia Cronan. With notes.

This site about medieval women has links to three women in particular- Hildegard von Bingen, Joan of Arc, and Julian of Norwich.

Set into the North Wall above the chancel step is the hatch to the Anchorites cell which is built into the thickness of the wall.

City of Norwich tourism website which can be found at:

Names from the Past Julian of Norwich (1342 - c.1429)

History of Norwich

East Ham Anchorite Cell

The Trial of Marguerite de Porete

Medieval Women’s Monasticism. An excellent website maintained by Dr. Deborah Vess.

In Middle English. Edited by Lynn Staley. This edition originally published by TEAMS in 1996.

This fragment of Margery Kempe’s Book (c. 1430) was all that was known of her for over 400 years.


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