The Bishop’s consent for her enclosure

Letter from John, by divine permission Bishop of Winchester, to all those whom this concerns or in the future may concern.

The petition lately exhibited to us by the godly Christine sets forth that, whereas she desires for the fulfilment of a better life to remove herself, and spend her life in the service of God and in all sanctity and chastity, alongside the church there, striving with all her heart to endure henceforth perpetual enclosure; we are pleased to grant her our consent in this matter, having therefore diligently made enquiry into her life and conversation of the said Christine and all to her things right and necessary herein; and because by this enquiry we have found no cause for deciding that the said Christine should not be permitted to be enclosed there; we, observing the praiseworthy purpose of the aforesaid Christine, and with the consent also of Sir Matthew, the present Rector of the church, and the parishioners thereof, have thought it fit to grant license to the said Christine that she may be enclosed there in the manner and for the reasons aforesaid, that thus laid aside from public and worldly sights, she may be enabled to serve God more freely in every way, and having resisted all opportunity for wantonness may keep her heart undefiled by the world.

In witness whereof we have caused our Seal to be attached hereto.
Given at Waleton, the 14th day of the Kalends of August, in the year of our Lord 1329, and in the seventh year of our consecration.