FIGURE 1: Analyze the various signs you see, remembering that words are signs, too.

Exercise 2

This is an exploration in semiotics. Do the following for Tuesday, Sept. 27:

  1. Find a small, simple object that you believe reflects your personality. Bring it to class in a plain brown-paper bag. Write your name on the bottom of the bag.

For Thursday, Sept. 29:

  1. For your portfolio, list the attributes the object has that you expect your classmates to identify. What kind of sign is this object: iconic, indexical or symbolic? Explain why.
  2. Did any of the objects from other students surprise you? Explain.
  3. Look closely at the ad on this page. Analyze the various signs you see in it (remember that words are signs, too).
    • What signs did you find?
    • What mode are they?
    • Are any codes present? If so, what codes are they and how do they work?
  4. Stuart Hall says that the media re-present events. Can you think of something you saw on television or in a book or magazine that was entirely different when you experienced it in person? Explain.