Exercise 3

This video is a strong example of how advertising uses tropes and depends on intertextuality to get a complex message across in a minute or less.

Watch this video closely, more than once, then answer these questions. Type up your answers neatly and put them in your OneDrive folder:

  1. What tropes do you see? I’ll get you started. One trope is the person crashing through the window. We don’t know yet that the man is about to enter a bar, but such scenes are common in western movies. It is a synecdoche for “rough saloon.” Many other tropes are present. Pick out two tropes, describe them, then explain what type of trope each is.
  2. This ad relies heavily on intertextuality:
    1. First, name other texts (movies) you recognized that this ad borrows from.
    2. Now show this ad to two of your friends and see if they recognize the other texts. Record their responses.
    3. Next, identify the two characters who face off at the end of the ad. What do you know about them? Remember that intertextuality refers to other texts (movies, in this case) that are visually similar and to other texts (movies) by genre or “author,” in this case an actor who has appeared in a series of action movies.
    4. Finally, write a paragraph or two telling whether you think this ad is effective or not. Use what you’ve learned about critical theory.
  3. Type all this up and include it in your OneDrive folder.