The 2012 contest winner was designed in COJO 256 by Cara Chandler. The 2014 winner was design in COJO 256 by Genevieve Cossette.


Project 1: AEJMC Convention Logo

For your first project, you will design a logo for the 2018 convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, to be held in Washington, D.C. The best projects will be entered in the AEJMC’s annual competition. First prize is $100.

Project 2: Bill of fare

Design a one-page menu for Ada’s Deli in Chicago. The objective is to develop an awareness of typographic attributes and visual hierarchies, and understand the significance of contrast, proportion, scale and space.

Project 3: Meditations

Typography, the meaningful arrangement of letterforms, is an essential component of design. In this assignment, we’ll study traditional principles of typographic design. The key concept is to use page proportion and appropriate typography to create a composition that serves and complements the content.

The final product will be a booklet containing three meditations by John Donne and a short biographical note. In addition, you will design a cover composition that will wrap around your booklet.

Project 4: The Bookie magazine spread

Long-distance reading requires a special approach to typography and page design. In this exercise, you will build a document of four letter-size pages. Along the way, you’ll decide several key elements, including typefaces, type size and leading and column width.

In your layout, you’ll be responsible for dividing the page in a way that serves the content and provides visual interplay between the text and several illustrations.

Project 4: CD Jewel-Case Booklet

Your task will be to create a four-page CD jewel-case booklet for the electronic-rock album Levels by the artist Polypeptide, based in Minneapolis.


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