Schedule of assignments

The key to doing well with your midterm website is in meeting each of these progress checks with your best effort. Take the time to get everything just right. Ask for help right away if you have issues.

Wednesday, March 18: Midterm website rollout

We will look at your midterm websites in class.Use the pages you have built to expand your personal website to at least four pages:

What I want to see:

  1. An informative header that creates a common identity on each page, optional on résumé.
  2. Good, working standard navigation on every page.
  3. Meaningful content.
  4. Images properly formatted as GIFs or JPGs.
  5. ALT tags on all of your graphics.
  6. Manageable download times; don’t fill your pages with huge or unnecessary pictures.
  7. Consistent use of font formatting, font sizes, styles (bold, plain, etc.) for subheads, heads and body text.
  8. A footer with appropriate provenance

Use the class assignments to build assets and content for this page. Test everything before your presentation.

Here are a few good midterm sites from former students:

Final Project

Over the second half of the semester, you will be coached on how to proceed with your final project. For your final project you will:

  1. create a website different from your midterm project as outlined below;
  2. present it to the class during finals week, see the times above.
  3. turn in a report of about 300-500 words about your website and its design; this includes a synopsis explaining the decisions that brought about your website's structure.

Your grade on this project will be based on all the elements of HTML and CSS that have been covered in class or in the readings required through the internet. Factors will include the site's concepts and management.

The Parameters

Your website should cover information you know something about, although research may be required. A subject that lends itself to visual information (pictures, charts) will be easier to adapt to the Web than text only.

This final project cannot be a personal site. It cannot be a commercial or business site. It must express information.

Here are a few sites that fit the bill. These were done by students in previous semesters: