1.8: The mission statement

A good mission statement can be a good start to designing and implementing a complicated Web site. It can become a part of the site charter and serve a useful purpose, but only if it is grounded in reality.

What Should Be in a Mission Statement?

The Purpose Statement. Clearly state what you want to accomplish: Why does your Web site exist? What is the ultimate result of your work? Purpose statements usually include two phrases:

  1. An infinitive that indicates a change in status, such as “to increase, to decrease, to prevent, to eliminate.”
  2. An identification of the problem or condition to be changed.

Examples of a purpose statement:

In defining purpose, focus on outcomes and results rather than methods.

The Action Statement. Outline the activities, programs or information you will use to fulfill your purpose. For example:

A cautionary note: If the word “and” is in your purpose or business statement, ask yourselves, “Are we really committed to both ideas connected by the word ‘and, ’or have we simply not been able to accept that one idea is more important?”

Values. Values are beliefs that you hold and try to put into practice. The values guide you in performing their work. Specifically, you should ask, “What are the basic characteristics that I want to be evident in my work?”

Examples of values include:

Values may include beliefs such as “Eating vegetables is more economically efficient and ecologically responsible than eating beef.” (Vegetarian Association)

Examples of mission statements

Circle of Blue

Circle of Blue

Circle of Blue is an international network of journalists, scholars and citizens that connects humanity to the global freshwater crisis.

A project of the non-profit Pacific Institute, America’s premier water policy think tank, Circle of Blue pioneers communications and information technology with a new model for moving vital issues into the mainstream. It inspires and informs decision making with original reporting, dynamic data spaces and engaging social media.

Circle of Blue convenes people around the world, inviting the public and policy makers to seize the defining challenge of our time: our diminishing supply of fresh, clean water.

Circle of Blue inspires and enables a finer future for a world threatened by the growing freshwater crisis. Fluent in many disciplines, Circle of Blue unites the integrity of journalism and scholarship with the versatility of information technologies and the vitality of the exploding communications culture. Circle of Blue summons humanity's signature strengths — precision of mind and passion of heart — to transform the century’s defining challenge into one of its greatest achievements.

S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald Online

S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald Online is dedicated to informing others about the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, which took the lives of twenty-nine men 30 years ago, affecting dozens of families and a countless number of friends and comrades of the shipping industry. The Edmund Fitzgerald is lost, but not forgotten.