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From Tod Iseminger on on December 27, 2000

This site is one of the most effective uses of media and internet technology that I have seen. The pictures coupled by the audio give us a real life glimpse of these families and their lifestyle in a way that no other medium can. Thank you for reminding us of what is important in life!

From Karen Eitzen-Rennie on on December 18, 2000

A special congrats on a project well done! We received the magazine copy of "with these hands," today in the mail from the Ag Alliance. Dad, a long-time cherry farmer, has enjoyed reading it too. So from the Eitzen Cherry Farms, a big hello and thankyou!

From Michelle Collins on on November 13, 2000

As a Core family member of Rex Dobson and current owner of part of the original Core family farm, we want to thank you for the wonderful story. We would love to purchase a copy of the "With These Hands" video for our family archives. Please let us know as soon as it becomes available.

Shelly Collins

From Jay Tingley on on November 11, 2000

If you can produce web of this quality, you should be producing in depth for PBS, etc. I have enjoyed this site very much, and have worked as a print and broadcast producer in the Detroit area.
My wife and I own land north of Northport and hope to move there soon, we love the area, and you have managed to hold on to a hard life that some would envy, living in the terrible tri-county area of Detroit.

From Debbie Joiner on on November 11, 2000

I enjoyed this documentary very much. With all of the elements used to portray an important part of America's heritage, the actual voices of the people was heart touching. Each story reflects a part of our country's history. Each story reflects a part of the American farmer. Each story is what our country is based upon. You have the Lyons, who like many farmers, depend on a secondary source of income when a season isn't as good. You have Rex Dobson were generation after generation ran the farm. You also have the Siebolds. In this story, the beauty of nature...the beauty of our country... was brought out. Then there is Leo Ocanases, a migrant worker at the age of seven. At a very young age Mr. Ocanases had a dream. Bound and determined through the good times and the bad, Mr. Ocanases never lost sight of that dream and eventually brought that dream to life. Most importantly, all of the stories reflect the importance of preserving these and many other farms throughout our glorious country!!

From Norberta Tijerina on on November 07, 2000

My family and I love the stories, I am Carmen's sister and my family and I visit the farm a few years ago. Yes my brother in law is a wonderful, sweet, kind hearted and hard working man. The Lord has richly blessed them. If it was not for all these farmers we would not be enjoying the benefits of the delicious fruits and vegtables. The stories are a pleasure to read and very emotional, but they tell it like it is.

From Katie Taberski on on November 06, 2000

Well written!! I'm a cousin of Rex Dobson's and have known his family for 43 years. Spending time growing up and visiting his farm, walking the fields, cross-country skiing through the woods, picking cherries,eating as many as landed in our pails and finding kittens in the hay barn are just some of the
wonderful memories I hold dear to my heart.

From Jane Sears on on November 02, 2000

My family and I are summer visitors and have vacationed in the Leelanau area for the past fifteen years. We enjoy bicycling through the hilly orchards and experience such a sense of tranquility. We have often wondered about the history of the area and the circumstances that brought these people to this beautiful land to farm. We always visit the last week in July and savor the business of harvesting the cherry crop, the hustle and bustle of the cherry trucks; the aroma of the processing plants; the spilled cherries at curves from the trucks. Thank you for such an informative piece of journalisim.

From Jeff Caverly on on October 29, 2000

This is a wonderful documentary. It has a very powerful and touching message. It reflects on all that is important in life, love, family and community. Everthings fine, 2000

From Chriss Lyon on on October 28, 2000

An outstanding job! To see a completely different view of life on the farm is very refreshing and I give all my thanks to those giving souls who put food on my plate. My great great grandparents would be so proud to see such dedication to they place they called home 120 years ago. I'm proud to have had my family represented in such an honorable way. Thank you for a wonderful program!



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