The Ocanases

Leo Ocanas began his farming career at the age of seven as a migrant worker, picking cotton in Texas next to his mother. When he was 11, he told her that some day he would not just work on a farm, he would own one.

The Seibolds

Lew Seibold, an Old Mission Peninsula cherry farmer, is also an architect and professor. Lew grew up on his parents' wheat farm in Central North Dakota and left to pursue his professional career. He bought an orchard when he and his wife Kathleen decided to raise their children where they could work together as a family, grow in many directions and experience the culture of agriculture.

Rex Dobson

Rex Dobson lives on the Leelanau County farm his great-grandfather homesteaded upon returning from the Civil War. He grows hay, wheat, rye, oats, alfalfa, corn and cherries on the land that he has preserved to protect his family's heritage.

The Lyons

Mary and Whitney Lyon grow cherries, apples, peaches and plums on their third-generation farm on Old Mission Peninsula. They also cultivate their community in countless ways — from day care to nursing home, from the church to the township hall.

With These Hands video presentation (23MB)

In addition to the web, magazine and radio stories produced for the project, see the "With These Hands" video documentary..(Requires QuickTime 4 or later)