How my passions impact my future career

Track and Field
Track and Field

Sprinting mandates focus, precision, quick reaction time and a willingness to push my body as far as it can go. The longer I run track, the more I recognize how much sprinting relates to public relations. I know as a PR professional, I must have quick reaction time to any crisis, be precise when representing my brand, focus on the mission and values of my client and be willing to push my campaigns to new levels.

Wrigley Field Sign
The Chicago Cubs

Being a Cubs’ fan doesn't reveal that I’m a loveable loser, but it does reveal my loyalty and eternal optimism. I appreciate traditional roots and the heart and soul of a brand. I stick by my passions and commitments through tough times, and I believe that persistence pays off in the end. I believe in the power of total teamwork on all levels of an organization.

Ronald Reagan Statue in Dixon, Illinois
Ronald Reagan and Dixon, Illinois

My hometown of Dixon, Illinois was also the hometown of President Ronald Reagan. Reagan once explained how growing up in a small town allowed him to get to know people for who they were, instead of seeing people as members of blocs or special interest groups. Growing up in Dixon surrounded by Reagan stories was a gift for me. I learned to trust in my neighbors, volunteer in my community, truly listen to others and work together to accomplish mutual goals.

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Exploring and experiencing new places

When asked to describe myself, one word I always use is curious. Moving to St. Paul allowed me the perfect opportunity to express that curiousity. I've loved exploring the restaurants, parks, museums and historical spots of the Twin Cities. This same curiousity has fueled my interest in social media, web design and staying updated on current world events.


From acting out the Boxcar Children books with my siblings to my high school aspirations to become a writer of fiction to my current wish for more free time to read, stories have been a big part of my life. I love being able to make comparisons to characters and books. Books have inspired me to better myself and my world, shown me beauty in unexpected places and taught me countless lessons about life.

Molly Demmer
Communication and Journalism Major
University of St. Thomas (MN)
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