K. Fitz Duffy

The About Me

Game City, Botswana, Africa

My parents nurtured me from the time of infancy to adolescence while reminding me to stay true to those passions I developed over time. The fine state of Wisconsin could no longer contain my academic and social ambitions. So, I hopped the border and burrowed into the alternative culture that is St. Paul, MN.

I now exist off a healthy diet of optimism and narcissism, and a general curiosity for the way the objects persevere in motion. I am a junior at the University of St. Thomas. I decided to bypass the reputable list of bachelor degrees in over 90 major fields in favor of my own intellectual curiosity. I initiated the Science Writing major at this University. I attempt to bridge the technical gap that exists between scientific thought and the conversational implementation of that thought. The English language acts as a barrier to knowledge for some and a window for others. I have self–prescribed writing as my treatment for an addiction—an addiction to thought provoking and often scientific literature.

When I am not pursuing a degree of academic excellence, I am either nurturing a passion for the sport of disc golf or sharpening my home brewing skills with close friends.