K. Fitz Duffy

The Field

Frozen Planet

Many scientists gain the title writer. However, it takes a certain expertise to turn that title into a working profession. Anyone can be a science writer in that they have the ability to convey complex theories and designs. What makes this writer truly great is the ability to engage an average mind. By using the lens of science, writers can thrust pertinent and universal knowledge into common conversation. The balance between technicality and creativity is a difficult one to attain. But we are fortunate to live in the presence of such intellectual persons.

David Attenborough

The naturalist has provided the face and voice to such earth–history programs as Frozen Planet. His work assists the extensive investigation of all life on this planet. He is a former senior manage at the BBC, and while possessing a golden voice, Attenborough supersedes even the most established authors in conveying complex reports in a literate and thought–provoking manner.

E.O. Wilson

This American biologist won the Pulitzer Prize in 1991 for his book, On Human Nature. Wilson masterfully explicates the social and environmental factors that contribute to our own human definition.

Richard Berendzen

Beside skillfully narrating one of my favorite films, Another Earth, Berendzen served, most notably, as Carl Sagan’s teaching assistant. His scientific attentions lie more on the philosophy side of existence. He believes that once scientific fact is explicated in the right context, it can surpass any enjoyment that science fiction creates. He is also a proponent of the scientific search for extraterrestrial life.

Adiran Bejan

This literary prodigy penned a personal favorite, Design in Nature. He is a proponent of the constructual theory of design and evolution in nature, for which his book is dedicated to explaining. Bejan has also published over 500 peer–review articles and 24 books.