What happened on 3. 11. 2011 ?


On Marth 11th at 2:46 p.m., at Sanriku coast, the north latitude 38° the east longitude 142.9', the earthquake occurred in 15 miles deep. It was rated Magnitude 9 which was the biggest on the domestic record. According to NHK, Japan broadcasting corporation (national public broadcasting org.), the seabed upheaved 26 feet (8m).


Debris from the earthquake

Kooriyama, Fukushima

Kooriyama, Fukushima

Until April 11th, the total of the earthquakes and after shocks are

Iwaki, Fukushima

Iwaki, Fukushima

Oil refinery in Chiba

Oil refinery in Chiba

Damage and causalities by the earthquakes

Yahoo Earthquake information (updated May 7th at 12) says

The damage of the earthquake is not only itself. Its aftermath goes to fire, lifeline and Tsunami. So far as May 6th,

3 minutes after the earthquake, the Tsunami alert was issued. At Souma in Fukushima, 30.5 feet tsunami swallowed the town at 3:51p.m (homepage of Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet)



Help from the world

After 3.11, the movement to help Japan started all over the world. The striken areas received the support from 146 countries and regions. Also 39 international organizations offered the assistance.

→ Currently teams from 2 countries and 1 organization is operating in Japan.

The earthquake of magnitude 7.3 occurred in 1995 in Western Japan (Hyogo) (Cabinet Office, Government of Japan). The casualties were 6,343 from 1995's earthquake. But this time, because of tsunami, people who were under the debris are washed away and the rescue was hard.

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