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What is happening in Fukushima Nuclear reactor 1?

Electricity supply in east Japan

Kanto area, which includes seven prefecture such as Tokyo and Saitama, was provided the electricity by The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc (TEPCO). It has power plants of fossil fuel, Hydro, Wind, Geothermal Energy, but it does not have nuclear plants in supply area that it depended on Fukushima for nuclear power plants.

Earthquake's damage on nuclear plants.

Fukushima nuclear plants 1 and 2

TEPCO's report says in Fukushima nuclear plants, 3 out of 6 was in operation and the other three were in periodical inspection. After the earthquake the nuclear reaction stopped by the control rods as soon as the earthquake happened. However, the earthquake elevated the ground about 32 feet and transmission lines were destroyed. The emergency generator was activated. Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency reported that about 45–49 foot tsunami came and The nuclear reactor 1 and 2 were flooded up to about 13 to 16 feet. It demolished the generator that the reactor lost the electricity.

For lost of power, the most of the coolant in the reactor and nuclear fission product pool was lost. Currently, they pour the fresh water to cool them down.

Plant 1 – Fuel Bundle 400, Spent Fuel in the pool 292 + 100

Plant 2 – Fuel Bundle 548, Spent Fuel in the pool 587 + 28


Fukushima evacuation area

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