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What is happening in Fukushima Nuclear reactor?

The spread of radioactive substances.

After the earthquake, the government and TEPCO were trying to stop the spread of the radioactive substances.

Contamination in atmosphere, water and food


After March 15th when reached the maximum radiation leak, the numeral value stays stable.

Japan Broadcasting organization offers the report of radiation in the atmosphere (in Japanese).


Table of radiation in drinking water of Tokyo area
Levels for radiation in water in Japan and EU

After March 27th the radiation in drinking water went down. the Japanese government suggest that the residents in Tokyo area should refrain from having babies drink the tap water. However, it was withdrawn after two days.


The food listed below was banned to distribute.

From Fukushima

From Ibaraki,

So far as May 9th, the banned is limited only for Fukushima and Ibaraki now.

Prevent it from happening again

According to Prison Planet, Nuclear Regulatory Commission records says 23 out of 104 nuclear reactor in the United States has the similar ones to Fukushima 1 reactor. The General Electric's Mark I system for containing radioactivity of boiling water reactor is the same to Fukushima. Those 23 reactors are in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

On May 9th, it is decided that Hamaoka Nuclear plants of Shizuoka prefecture is going to be shut down. This is my hometown. The Japanese will face the difficulties in their daily lives because liveswill be or have changed so much. However, they are trying to avoid the same tragedy at any cost. Fukushima is lost although it is still part of the country. People can not live in Fukushima for long time that people can never imagine.

The United States has fewer earthquakes than Japan does, but the same accident can happen with any situation. However, what if you or your family were traveling in other places? what if something unexpected happened?
In 1995 earthquake, the report said that the death rates of 20s and also the foreigners were higher compared to others. In order to protect yourself and someone who is precious to you, I would like you to learn something from this earthquake.

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