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What happened to Tokyo?

Impact on Japanese economy

The impact of the earthquake goes to economy in Japan, according to Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Damaged stocks is estimated 16-25 trillion Yen (about US$195-305 billion). Taking into consideration, Japan's average GDP is 500 trillion Yen (US$5.9 trillion). The damage is serious.

Rebuilding the road

After 4 days, the road was re-constructed.

But at the same time, Japan has to work on plans for recovery and reconstruction.

(From Japanese Prime Minister Kan's speech on Apr 1 and 12.)

Changes in the Japanese people after the earthquake

Notion for energy

The earthquake and tsunami hit northern part of Japan and caused a lot of damage. The accident in the Fukushima nuclear plant, the lack of electricity and the destroyed highways affect daily lives and economy not only in the striken area but also in Tokyo area.
After the earthquakes, the Japanese people face the difficulties in finding and buying things as before.
This change made them to realize that the resources and electricity are limited.

Shitashio Japan conducted a poll with 300 people who live in Kanto Area(except Ibaraki) and also studied social media. The poll asks to specify changes in their daily lives,

From these answers, it is clear that people became more interested in conservation and using less energy. While the planned black outs are temporarily stopped and energy supply in the city area becomes stable, there is an anxiety for summer time. Japan's summer is humid and hot. It becomes about 104°F and the lack of the air conditioner can result in deaths especially of the elder.

Change in psychological state

After the earthquake, supply of goods stopped because of destruction of transportation system. Almost all the stores ran out of stuff.(the previous page)
For this sudden change, people started to buy up all the stuff in the stores. This phenomenon that was very similar to oil crisis in 1973 started as early as March 15th, four days after the earthquake. People bought too much for one family and fought over one product in the stores.

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