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Lavender Valley Farm, Hood River, OR

Lavender Valley Farm, Hood River, OR — 2010

From Then 'til Now

Lavender Valley Farm planted it first seed in 2001, a successful future in store. The first commercial crop emerged in the summer of 2004, encompassing 5 different variety of lavender: 3 from the lavandula angustifolia category and 2 from the intermedia (lavandin). The lavandula angustifolia varieties are commonly called pure lavender or English Lavender. Over the years the varieties have multiplied, the farm now reaping with the sweet scent of over 10,000 plants inclusive of over 60 different varieties. Its fields flow as a sea of soft lavender, the blossoms harmonically swaying in the blissful summer's breeze, extending out upon acres of land. The soft hum of thousands of pollinating bees enlivens the sun–kissed sea with an unwavering pulse. A sense of calm and serenity blankets the entire scene.

Lavender Valley Farm offers over 100 lavender products made from the fine English Lavender essential oils as well as the lavandin varieties. Hand–painted glassware and pictures fill the farm's quaint, open–air store while fresh cut lavender plants and bundles present a characteristic appeal.

As the farm continues to flourish, it strives to increase its cultivars and species until it has a true National Collection of Lavender.

Lavender Farm

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