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Rasmussen Farm, Hood River, OR

Rasmussen Farm, Hood River, OR

The Lay of the Land

Follow the blue state signs, turn east on Fir Mountain Rd– one mile off Hwy 35– and enter into the rich farmlands of the Hood River valley. Extending for miles, the cultivated land shines beneath the warm summer sun, showing off its finest fruits. Mingled within the many farms lies the family–owned Rasmussen Farm. Award winning and a visitor's favorite farm since 1963, the farm draws thousands of visitors each year. Allured by the tempting scents of naturally grown fruits and veggies along with a colorful array of plants, visitors can enjoy delicious foods, homemade baskets and quilts, seasonal festivals, and a majestic view of Mount Hood.

A sunflower field blooms with vivid liveliness and magnificence during August, while an intricate corn maze remains in its infancy. Baskets of cherries begin to overflow for the annual Cherry Celebration while painters tranquilly compose a reproduction of the surrounding serenity. Workers are weeding and customers are roving, scattered throughout the U-pick strawberry fields. Several open buildings with hanging flowers, quilts and other charming ornaments are congregated at the heart of the scene, exuding a naturalness and pleasantness. To say that there is diversity to the Rasmussen's business plan would be an understatement. But that is what it took to stay one step ahead.

Rasmussen Farm

April 16–Oct. 31:
9–6, daily

Nov.: 9–5, daily

3020 Thomsen Rd.
Hood River, OR 97031

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