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Rasmussen Farm, Hood River, OR

Rasmussen Farm, Hood River, OR

Product Availability

Rental Flowers– April through Sept.
Tomatoes– August
Bedding and Vegetable Plants– mid April
Corn– mid August
Strawberries– early June
Bartlett Pears– mid August
Raspberries– end of June
Freestone Peaches– mid August
Sweet Cherries– mid June
Gravenstein Apples– mid August
Pie (tart) Cherries– early July
Fresh Cider– September
Blueberries– early July
“Winter” Pears and Fall Apples– mid September
Squash– October
Apricots– mid July
Kraut Cabbage– mid Sept. and Oct.
Green Beans– mid July
Brussel Sprouts– October
U–Cut Flowers– mid July
Pumpkins and Fall Decorations – October
Pickling Cucumbers– end of July
Evergreen Wreaths– Nov. through Dec.
Red Haven Peaches– first of August
Holly and Garlands– Nov. through Dec.
Peppers– mid August
Holiday Gift Packs– Nov. though Feb.

Rasmussen Farm

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