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Wy'East Vineyard, Hood River, OR

Wy'East Vineyard, Hood River, OR

From Hubbub to Tranquility

Initially inspired by a chance introduction to Master of Wine, John Salvi, and subsequent visit to Bordeaux in Chicago, Christie and Dick Reed's first interest in the world of fine wine began in 1977. Enticed into further wine exploration and education, the Reeds soon decided to pick up their roots and move to Hood River in 1992. Just four years after the move, the quality grapes of Wy'East Vineyard lured the Reeds into the wine business. In 2001, the Reeds entered a partnership with Mt. Hood Winery, where they gained experience with the production and marketing of wine. The experience became the platform from which they began their own winery, Wy'East Winery now a picturesque spotlight of wine life along the Fruit Loop. The couple currently have over 20 acres of pinot noir, pinot gris and chardonnay under cultivation, the grape varieties continuing to expand.

The Reed's goal is to produce high quality wines, manage a sustainable business, contribute to the economic vitality of the Columbia Gorge and still have some fun!

Wy'East Winery

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