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Wy'East Vineyard, Hood River, OR

Wy'East Vineyard, Hood River, OR

A Blissful Scene

Step off Highway 35 and into the realm Wy'East Winery and Vineyard for a soothing wine tasting experience. A variety of different wines can be savored while lounging on a quaint outdoor deck overlooking the eastern Hood River valley. A flow of naturalness extends out from beneath the perch, lush vineyards and tilled farm lands bowing before the majestic mountains with fresh spirit and unmatched calm. The scene is accompanied by a familiar yet faint echo of a waterfall while occasional wildlife sounds harmonize from all around.

Wy'East Winery

11–5, daily

Early Spring and Nov.: Saturday–Sunday, 9–5

3189 Hwy 35
Hood River, OR 97031

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