Example of Indian dances in Bollywood films.


Bollywood movies are full of song, dance, violence, and confusion

Wow! Back from my first Bollywood experience and I am speechless. Truly, no words can describe this bizarre phenomenon. We went to the premier of "Kaalai" which translates as "Bull."

There were so many people there, only a handful of which were women. It felt like all of India was trying to pack into the theater. "Kaalai" was a sort of action/romance film, but certianly Bollywood style.

My favorite scene was when the hero literally levitated out of a temple pond. Nearly every scene had people randomly breaking out in violent fights, always accompanied by loud, crashing laser and sword swishing sound effects. The whole experience was loud, tacky, and hilarious! The movie left me nearly deaf the volume was so loud.

I am pretty sure that I would not understand the plot line even if it wasn't in the native Tamil language. The hero kept flipping his hair in slow motion and then there would be a cut to a series of fast, dizzying shots. There were a lot of random characters that would appear and then never be seen again. Maybe it is just to confuse Americans!

At one point, again to my confusion and utter disbelief, the hero clubbed a girl and knocked her out. The audience in the theater literally went crazy cheering. There was an old witch lady who was somehow able to conjour up the ears of the villan when he was a young boy in order to identify him. Hmmm.

And of course, how could I forget to mention the outbursts of song? The songs were like terrible 90's music videos complete with ridiculous dance moves. At one point, the hero and the girl resembled Aladin and Princess Jasmine with an M.C. Hammer twist. This has been the most entertaining afternoon! Very fun, very new, and very, very Indian!

Barbara Koehl

University of St. Thomas

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