The bus system is a primary mode of transportation in India.

Crazy bus ride

Driving in India is something to fear

Today we were on a bus on our way to Mamallapuram and the Indian Ocean. I am pretty sure that we hit a man on a bicycle. Did we stop? No, we did not. Just kept on our merry way. Afterall, being near the road in India in general is a risk. At least that seems to be the overall mindset. This is insane!

It does not stop there though. It probably also was not a great idea for the driver to pop in his favorite Bollywood movie and then proceed to watch it while driving! Eyes on the crazy road please! I guess that the crazy, loud Indian music fit the situation though.

Once we finally made it, we took a walk down the shore of the Indian Ocean to the Tiger ruins. We passed an excavation site of recently discovered temple ruins that were buried long ago. They were uncovered by the latest Tsunami. Crazy! This site is believed to be one of seven temples buried underground along the coast. History is truly being made everyday. What a day!

Barbara Koehl

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