An Array of Creativity

Eiffel Tower, London, England

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France.

All throughout my life, I have expressed an infatuation and aptitude for art. My artistic perspective and skill are continually utilized and fine-tuned, developing through both educational and personal practices. I try to insert my creative flare, even if ever so slightly, into almost everything I do. My ardor of design has become a part of my character and a means of personal expression.

Though I began learning, practicing, and honing my artistic skills with traditional media such as pencil and pen, chalk and oil pastels, and various paints, I have recently exposed myself to the world of digital design. I have currently worked with Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, and InDesign. The flexibilities and capabilities of these programs cease to intrigue me as they provide a unique efficiency and elegance to the design process. In addition to these means of creativity, I also enjoy the art of photography in my spare time.

Recent photos

Mailboxes, Hood River, Oregon

Mailboxes, Hood River, Oregon.

Flower Bouquet, Hood River, Oregon

Farmers Market Flowers, Hood River, Oregon.

Lavender Farm, Hood River, Oregon

Lavender farm in Hood River, Oregon.

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