Active Outlets

Madison West High School Soccer Seniors, 2007

Me and fellow Madison West High School varsity soccer seniors, 2007.

From a young age, I have been involved in a variety of athletic activities. From recreational leagues to competitive divisions, and about everything in between, I enjoy expressing my love and skill for athletics in all shapes and forms. From soccer, tennis, swimming, and volleyball, to ice skating and snowboarding, my athletic ability and passion are continuously molded, toned, defined, and redefined.

Of the many sports I have played, soccer has been the most influential and dominant, remaining an integral part of my life since age 5. Over time, I have developed and displayed a considerable amount of effort, heart, and determination for the sport. I have worked my way up the soccer ranks, playing for premier and regional club teams, as well as my high school's varsity team, Madison West High School, and my university's varsity team, University of St. Thomas.

Overall, my diverse athletic experiences have provided me with both active and social outlets. They have helped to shape my character, leading me to become a motivated, committed, and healthy individual, while also allowing me to develop relationships with a wide variety of fellow sports lovers.

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