About Me

Caitlin and her dog, Bruno

Me and my dog, Bruno.

I am a recent alumna of the University of St. Thomas, graduating with honors with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Journalism and minors in Graphic Design and Spanish. With these areas of study, I hope to attain a position with a balance of visual and verbal communication responsibilities – one that I will allow me to continue to express my passion for creativity and my drive for precision.

Lifelong Loves

Soccer at the University of St. Thomas

Playing soccer for the University of St. Thomas.

Throughout my life, I have taken delight in artistic expression, thrived from active outlets, and relentlessly loved my family and friends. From the clothes I wear to the images I create, I enjoy expressing different kinds of designs. Earth-toned colors are my characteristic appeal, accompanied by delicate and graceful details. Sports, travel, and relaxation come day to day as well, all together providing an intricate balance of expression. Artistically bound and actively sound, my creative interests are married to family, friends, and loved ones.

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