Who is Eligible?

Students enrolled in a college or university in Minnesota who have completed their freshman year and who are committed to a career in journalism are invited to apply.

Applicants are not required to major in journalism or to speak a foreign language. There is no financial needs test for the scholarship, but preference will be given to those least able to pay.

Though it is expected that most applicants will spend a full academic year abroad, the directors will consider proposals for short-term projects.

What do directors look for when choosing a candidate?

The directors wish to be enlightened by the creativity and feasibility of scholarship proposals and intend their award decisions to be influenced by journalistic ingenuity, enterprise and flexibility rather than academic structure.

There is no foreign language or other preparatory requirement for this scholarship. However, in deciding to whom the scholarship will be awarded, the directors may consider the applicants' knowledge of the language of the country or countries they intend to visit and preparatory work they have done or will do prior to departure.

Good journalists are accurate, precise and thorough. Applications that are inaccurate, imprecise or incomplete may not be considered.

How do I apply?

Include a resume describing academic and extracurricular activities, employment and volunteer work. Describe previous travel and intercultural experience in the United States and abroad.

Write an autobiographical essay that includes the proposal for study and describes how the desired experience will advance the student's journalistic goals. Include the reasons that financial aid is necessary for this trip. The directors want the recipient of this scholarship to have the mindset of a journalist in preparing for and completing the project. In the essay, the applicant must propose an article, video or other journalistic product that could be produced as a result of this travel/study project. The directors may require the recipient to actually produce the proposed article or video.

Send a letter of recommendation from a faculty sponsor who verifies the applicant's intention to pursue a career in journalism and who will oversee the student's study project, and also a letter of recommendation from someone outside academia (i.e. employer, volunteer coordinator, etc.).

Also, send a copy of his or her academic transcript. If the applicant is currently a freshman, the high school transcript must also be submitted.

Finally, draft a budget for the trip that describes all expenses and all sources of financing including other scholarships received and applied for.

Download the applicaton form here and send the original and nine copies of the application (form and essay questions) and accompanying documents to:

Minnesota Journalists Abroad
c/o Minnesota Newspaper Foundation
12 South Sixth Street, Suite 1116
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Important Dates

The deadline for the application is March 1, 2003 . This deadline is subject to change so make sure to check the Minnesota Newspaper Foundation Web site, for the most current information. The fund directors will announce their award decision by April 15, 2003 .


How to APPLY

Important Dates

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