Conga Latin Bistro

Conga Latin Bistro, located at 501 E Hennepin Ave in Minneapolis, is part bistro, part bar and part dance club. For more information call 612-331-3360.


Tiburon is a bar and restaurant, separted by a giant fishtank. Its more romantic setting makes it a great place to go for a date. You can find it at 1201 Harmon Pl in Minneapolis. Their phone number is 612-604-0585.

El Nuevo Rodeo

With a 20,000 square foot dance floor, El Nuevo Rodeo is by far the largest salsa club in the Twin Cities. It also has a restaurant that serves food until 3:30 a.m. It is located at 2709 Lake St. in Minneapolis. For more information call 612-728-0101.


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