Fair Trade Facts: Fair trade at St. Thomas

Fair trade coffee at Beakers

Several places on the St. Thomas campus, including
Beakers, sell fair trade coffee. Beakers is located in
O’Shaughnessy-Frey Science Building on South Campus.

Coffee at St. Thomas

Coffee is served on campus at many locations. Much of the coffee served at St. Thomas comes from Dunn Brothers, a Minneapolis-based company with coffee shops throughout the Midwest. Dunn Brothers offers fair trade coffee in its stores, but provides no information about these options on its Web site. The few fair trade options available at St. Thomas are mainly provided through Dunn Brothers.

Here’s a list of on-campus coffee locations and information about whether or not the coffee is fair trade:

  • The cafeteria: The cafeteria, located in Murray-Herrick Campus Center, uses a syrup concentrate to brew coffee. A syrup concentrate allows for faster brewing at a larger quantity. It is not fair trade coffee, but there are fair trade syrups available for purchase.
  • The Grill: The Grill offers the UST blend of coffee from Dunn Brothers, which is not fair trade certified. Dunn Brothers, however, does offer fair trade options in its retail stores.
  • Scooter’s: Scooter’s also sells Dunn Brothers coffee. Some of the options are fair trade, while others are not.
  • The Pit Stop: The Pit Stop, located in Koch Commons, offers coffee smoothies made from pre-mixed and concentrated blends. The coffee is from Dunn Brothers and is not fair trade.
  • Beakers: Located in O’Shaughnessy-Frey Science Building on South Campus, Beakers sells Dunn Brothers Coffee. Some of the selections are fair trade, but others are not.
  • The Binz Refrectory: Like the cafeteria on North Campus, the Binz serves coffee brewed from a syrup concentrate. The option to use fair trade coffee syrup is not being used at this location.
  • Various academic departments: Academic departments on campus contract individually with coffee companies. Some of these companies sell fair trade coffee, but check with the specific department to determine what type of coffee is being served.
  • Rocky Grounds: Rocky Grounds, the coffee cart in Brady Educational Center, is not affiliated with St. Thomas food service. Fair trade coffee is served here.

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