Fair Trade Facts: What can you do?

Strike at Starbucks

Several groups urge consumers to stop
purchasing coffee from places like Starbucks.
These groups believe Starbucks could sell
more fair trade blends.

How to get involved

There are several ways you can get involved in the fair trade movement. These include:

  • Purchase only coffee with fair trade symbols.
  • Patronize retailers who support the fair trade movement. You can find lists of fair trade retailers produced by Fair Trade Federation or TransFair USA. Look for fair trade retailers in the Twin Cities area.
  • Educate your family, friends and
    co-workers about fair trade. Let them know the importance of fair trade coffee in creating a more just and equitable global economy.
  • Encourage your church or school to participate in the fair trade movement. There are many organizations that sell fair trade coffee in bulk quantities.
  • Ask that fair trade coffee be sold at your local grocery store.

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