Fair Trade Facts: Fair trade in Minnesota

Fair trade in chains

Besides various specialty cafes, fair trade coffee is available in some chain stores.

Caribou Coffee logo

Caribou Coffee sells one blend of
coffee, the Rainforest blend, which
is fair trade certified.

Caribou Coffee

Caribou offers the Rainforest blend, which is both fair trade certified and organic. The beans are shade-grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers by farmers who are guaranteed fair trade prices. Caribou describes the beans as a “blend of unique flavors from Sumatra, Central and South American and Africa that creates a fruit medley with pecan and Brazil nut tones.” The blend can be ordered online or by telephone, and is available at one of the many Caribou locations in Minnesota.


Starbucks is North America’s largest purchaser of fair trade coffee and sells fair trade coffee in 23 countries around the world. Starbucks’ multi-region blend Café Estima is fair trade certified and can be purchased online or at one of their many Twin Cities locations.

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