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University of St. Thomas English Department Poetry Courses:
An educational way to induldge in poetry at UST

St. Thomas students

ENGL 112 Critical Reading and Writing II: Drama and Poetry

Emphasis on interpreting literary texts and writing about them persuasively, with special attention to close reading and to the use of textual evidence. Writing assignments will be linked to readings consisting primarily of drama and poetry. This course fulfills the Literature and Writing requirement in the core curriculum.

ENGL 253 Writing Poetry and Fiction

This course introduces students to the skills necessary for writing literary fiction and poetry. It includes close readings of literary texts that model the basic techniques of imaginative writing, weekly writing exercises that encourage exploration and development of craft, and peer critique sessions to develop students' critical skills. This course will include instruction in imagery, figurative language, rhythm and sound patterns, tone, point of view, literary structures, character development, and style.

ENGL 321 Writing Poetry

This intermediate course explores traditional and innovative patterns of poetry writing. Emphasis on experimentation with a variety of techniques and development of individual voice. This course will include critique sessions, readings to broaden possibilities of form and subject, and individual instruction. Open to students with some previous experience in writing poetry.

ENGL 401 Advanced Poetry or Fiction Writing

This advanced course focuses on the student's development of a polished body of work in poetry and/or fiction. Students will review, revise and select writing they have done previously, as well as produce new work. Readings will include theoretical and creative texts.

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