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The Poetry Slam Club was started in fall 2003 by Professor Lisa Arnold. She loves slam poetry and thinks it's a great place for UST poets to hone their skills in performing, writing, listening, thinking. With that, Arnold hosted a kick-off slam to show interested students what slam poetry is all about. 100 people attended and Arnold asked people if they would be interested in being part of an organization that would create events for the UST/ST. Kate's community to hear and take part in spoken word and performance poetry.

From there, Arnold got a small group together, hosted a workshop with Cynthia French and now holds meetings a couple times a month to offer feedback to other poets/performers and plan events.

Slam Club Basics:

~Poets must be UST or St. Kate's students, faculty or staff
~Poems must be written by the performer
~Poems may be read or memorized
~Poems can be up to three minutes long
~No props, no costumes, no musical accompaniment
~Judges are selected from the audience
~Judges assign points to the poems
    (0-10 with one decimal point - 10 being the highest)
~The person with the most points wins
~The points are not the point, the point is the poetry!

Minnesota Slam Team

Slam Club Questions:

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