Where on earth is Moldova?

(or Carmen San Diego)


The 3 week J-Term 2005 R&D adventure starts January 1, 2005!

With all our bags, passports plus visas packed with care, we are on our way.

Dr. Greg Mowry submitted:

Where is Moldova and Chisinau? Look below. A picture of the map is also included for a bit of additional information. (This is really good stuff for K-12 children who have to do report on other countries!)

We will be staying for 3 weeks in dormitories at the Technical University of Moldova (the TUM). Our sponsor is the vice-president of the TUM, Dr. Petru Todos. You can see a picture of Petru (pronounced ‘Peter’) in the next picture.

We have 2 research topics that we will be working on. The first is wind power as an alternative energy source. The second is related to business aspects of implementing alternative energy sources in Moldova. At the end of this introduction I’ve included a brief Energy Appendix from our TUM colleagues that will help give you an idea regarding how difficult things are for energy in Moldova.

Here is a picture of the team that we will be working with.

Dr. Andrei Chciuc is on the left, Dr. Ion (John) Sobor is in the center, and Dr. Ilie Nuca is on the right.

Our preliminary schedule is:

  • Depart MSP on 1 January 2005
  • Arrive in Chisinau on Sunday, 2 January 2005
  • Spend 3 weeks doing research, celebrating Christmas, and celebrating New Years (Moldova is on the Orthodox calendar)
  • Return to MSP on Saturday, 22 January 2005.

More scheduling details will be included as they become known.

Dr. Greg Mowry,

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