Quaerentes Veritatem: The Truth Seekers

An interdisciplinary faculty-student forum for the discussion of the intersection of life and thought with faith.

co-sponsored by Departments of Philosophy and Catholic StudiesUniversity of St. Thomas in St. Paul

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"Faith and Science," Phil Rolnick, Ph.D. 10/12/17, LIB 108


"A Contemporary Catholic View of Complementarity," Lisa Schiltz, J.D. 10/2014


"The Church and Evangelization in India," Dr. Ted Ulrich, 5/1/14   

"Poland's Impact on Bl. John Paul II's Faith," Dr. Ken Kemp & Dr. Paul Wojda, 2/11/14

"Pope Pius XII and the Third Reich," Dr. Michael Hollerich, 11/19/13 Video


"Religious Liberty and Faith: Current Legal Controversies," Prof. Teresa Collett, 10/29/12

"God and the Fiery Trial of the Civil War," Dr. David Williard, 2/12/13

"Faith in a Post-Christendom World," Fr. Michael Keating, 4/16/13

"Dorothy Day: A Faith that Made History," Dr. Anne Klejment, 4/23/13


"Traditional Christianity and the New Atheism: God vs. the "Flying Spaghetti Monster,"  Dr. Mathew Lu 11/1/11



"Newman on the Great Divide Between Secularism and Catholicism," Dr. David Deavel. 10/7/10 (LIB 108).

"What is Heroism?" Dr. Catherine Deavel. 11/11/10 (LIB 108)

"Religious Liberty and Same Sex Unions," Prof. Teresa Collett. 4/26/11 (JRC 241)


2009-2010 Presentations with Links

"Is There a Right to Health Care?" Dr. Robert Kennedy. 11/10/09 (JRC 126).

"Faith in My Profession," Panel Discussion with Drs. Teresa Collett, David Foote, Paul Schons, and W. Matthews Grant. 12/01/09 (McNeely Great Room) Video of the Panel Discussion

2008-2009 Presentations with Links

"John Paul II On Women: Reflections on Mulieris Dignitatem." Dr. Mary Lemmons; 09/18/08 (McNeely Great Room); Mulieris Dignitatem

"The Body and the Imago Dei: A Primer on the 'Theology of the Body." Fr. Peter Laird; 10/14/08 (Owens 150) Catechism on Genesis

"Contraception: A Couple's Friend or Foe?" Dr. Janet Smith, 11/13/08 (McNeely)  Pope Benedict XVI on Humanae Vitae       Humanae Vitae

"Baby Market Morals." Dr. Steven Heaney, 03/19/09 (JRC 126): 1987: "Donum Vitae" (Instruction on respect for human life) 2008 "Dignitas Personae"

"Why Suffering?" Fr. Michael Keating, 04/09/09 (MCH 100). Background texts: Mother Teresa's "Come Be My Light;" "In the Shadow of Our Lady;" "Mother Teresa's Secret Fire;"    Salvific Doloris

"The Spirituality of Work." Dr. Deborah Savage, video 04/30/09 (JRC 126);  Laborem exercens

2007-2008 Discussed Topics With Links 

"Faith and Reason in Newman." Dr. Don Briel:  04/24/08 Newman On Faith and Reason
"A New Turn in Philosophical Theology." Dr. Tom Sullivan: 04/10/08 Abstract: Standard natural theology is inadequate for solving the problem of evil. But what’s the alternative? Atheism? Agnosticism? Not necessarily. There is another way to approach the problem philosophically.
"Humility and the Intellectual Life,"  Dr. Heidi Giebel: 3/6/08 presentation paperAquinas on Humility
 Student Panel on "Valentine's Love and Deus Caritas Est," Tracy Dolan and Hannah Woldum:2/14 Deus Caritas Est
"Study Advice from Aquinas: The Model Christian Philosopher"  Dr. John Boyle: 01/31/08     Aquinas on Studying
 "Fides et Ratio and Edith Stein"  Dr. Catherine Deavel: 12/06/07 presentation paper    biography of Stein
"Cardinal Ratzinger on Fides et Ratio: Reflections"   Dr. Deborah Savage: 11/15/07 presentation paper      Ratzinger's Speech
"Fides et Ratio and Our Lady The Philosopher"    Dr. Mary Lemmons:  11/06/07 presentation paper         "Fides et Ratio" Ad Petri Cathedram