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Siena Symposium

for Women, Family, and Culture

Building the civilization of love through education and research


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Siena Symposium Humanitarian Leadership Award Recipients and Lectures

Janet Smith, Ph.D.
"What is the Real Meaning of Responsible Parenthood," 2015

Mary Eberstadt

"How the West Really Lost God," 2014

Helen Alvare, J.D.
 "Women and the Politics of Freedom," 2013

Sister Mary Prudence Allen, Ph.D.
"The Integral Complementarity of Woman and Man:
The Catholic Vision," 2012


E-Journal for Personalist Feminism

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Fall 2014: "Is there a Masculine Genius?" Dr. Deborah Savage

Fall 2014: "A Contemporary Catholic Theory of Complementarity," Prof. Lisa Schiltz poster

pring 2014: "Woman as Prophet and Servant of Truth" an interdisciplinary  conference celebrating Saint John Paul II's vision of women. Conference PosterSchedule

Spring 2014: Mary Eberstadt, Senior Fellow of Ethics and Public Policy, and recipient of the Siena Symposium Humanitarian Leadership Award Speech "How the West Really Lost God."

Fall 2013: "Loneliness and True Love: Healing the 21st Century Family," Jennifer Roback Morse video

Summer 2013: Evening Reflection on the 25th Anniversary of Mulieris Dignitatem video

Spring 2013: Prof. Helen Alvare, J.D., the Siena Humanitarian Leadership Award Recipient "Women and the politics of Freedom

Spring 2012: Sister Mary Prudence Allen, Ph.D., the Inaugural Siena Humanitarian Leadership Award Recipient and presenter of three talks: "Endow: Bringing the Church's Teaching on Women to Life," "Ransoming Gender: The History of Sex and Gender Identity"; and, "Integral Complementarity of Woman and Man: The Catholic Inspiration."

Summer 2012: Fortnight of Freedom Panel Discussion on "Religious Liberty and the Equality of Women." Moderated by Dr. Jeanne Buckeye; Presenters: Prof. Teresa Collett, Prof. Deborah Savage, and Prof. R. Mary Lemmons

Fall 2011 Colloquium: Deborah Savage, Ph.D., "The Nature of Woman in Relation to Man According to Thomas Aquinas"

Summer 2011 Workshop: "Women in the Church and in the World"

Prior 2011, the Siena Symposium for Women, Family, and Culture was known as the Siena Symposium for Personalist Feminism

2004-2010: Siena Symposium for Personalist Feminism

Conferences, Workshops and Assorted Papers

OCTOBER 2008 Sister conference for Women and the Recovery of Culture:  Mulieris Dignitatem and the Church's Social Vision: The Feminine Genius and the Common Good

SUMMER 2007 Workshop on Reclaiming the Integrated Life: How Does Catholic Social Thought Counsel Women in the Professions?

SUMMER 2006 Workshop on Recasting Catholic Social Thought: Bringing Women's Issues and Contributions to the Forefront

SPRING 2006 Spring Colloquium Sex, Gender and Vocations in the Contemporary World, Leader, Sarah Borden, Ph.D. Wheaton College: Difference, Sameness and Sex  and  Sex as a Vocational Response


SUMMER 2004 In-House Conference: John Paul II and the Vocation of the Professional Woman   (Reflection Papers)




Possible Helpful Links and books:

Women in Christ: Toward a New Feminism. Ed. Michele M. Schumacher. William B. Eerdmans Pub. 2004. Available on

The Christian Anthropology of John Paul II: An Overview

Catholic Law School and Ave Maria Law School Conference on Mulieris Dignitatem

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